Las Catalinas Reto MTB

Series 2019/2020

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Results Q2


Best Overall Times (Dec. - Feb.)

Best Overall Times - Q2


Fastest Climb on "Quemador" (Dec. - Feb.)

Fastest Climb on Quemador || Q2


Fastest Decent on "Cerrador" (Dec. - Feb.)

Fastest Decent on Cerrador || Q2


Total # of Retos Completed (Dec. - Feb.)

Total of Retos Completed || Q2





Reto Awards Q2




Reto Lap Distance

Reto Elevation






Awards will be given for rides performed and tracked on Strava between September 1, 2019 and May 31, 2020, and will correspond to the following categories:

Quarterly Awards
(Male, Female, Under 15, Team-Local and Non-Local)

Specific Segment Awards

Fastest climb on “QUEMADOR”

₡ 20,000 colones

Fastest decent on “CERRADOR”
₡ 20,000 colones

Whole Track Awards

Most completed loops
₡ 20,000 colones


Overall Fastest Time*
₡ 20,000 colones

(*)of completed loop

Annual Awards

(Male, Female, Under 15, Team-Local and Non-Local)

Mejor Cuesta Arriba
on the “QUEMADOR” segment wins

First Place
₡ 85,000 colones

Second Place
₡ 55,000 colones


Third Place
₡ 30,000 colones

Mejor Cuesta Abajo
on the “CERRADOR” segment wins

First Place
₡ 85,000 colones


Second Place
₡ 55,000 colones


Third Place
₡ 30,000 colones

Most overall loop wins

(Top Male, Top Female-Local and Non-Local)

Grand Prize- 2 night stay at Santarena Hotel
(meals included)

Most overall loop wins

(Under 15 -Local and Non-Local)

Grand Prize- Pura Vida Ride gift package
(value ₡ 170,000 colones)





Reto Registration 2

Reto Step 1 To register, all riders must select a Membership Type and proceed to complete the registration form. As part of the registration, all riders must accept the Las Catalinas Trail System and Outdoor Activities Policies, which can be found in the registration page.


Reto Step 2 Upon completion, you will receive an invite to the Las Catalinas Reto MTB Series 2019/2020 Club on Strava. On the Strava Club page, you will find route details and the club leaderboard, be able to connect and chat with other club members, compare your training, and view recent accomplishments.

Reto Strava-logo

Reto Rules 2

  • No Refunds
  • The course will be marked with signage and you must follow the direction that the signage designates. DO NOT GO IN THE REVERSE DIRECTION EVER!
  • No E-bikes or pedal assisted bikes of any kind allowed.
  • Each rider should choose a category according to their age as of September 1, 2019.
  • Racers should carry their own health insurance.
  • At all times when participating in, preparing for, or mounted on a bike, you shall wear a securely fastened helmet that is approved by a national accredited testing authority, like the US DOT standards or the CPSC standard for bicycle helmets.
  • Headphones of any kind are NOT permitted during a Reto. Ignorance is not an excuse.
  • A rider will be suspended from the Reto series for damaging or destroying public or private property or littering on the course. (Gel and Gu packets included)
  • Dogs and mountain bikes don’t mix. It is strongly advised to leave your hound at home. If you must bring the pup, please keep it on a leash at all times. All the riders will thank you.
  • Affix your Reto sticker to your helmet.


Course Map








Santarena Hotel

A tropically elegant oasis inspired by a palette of people and places, the Santarena Hotel is a bohemian pearl perched between two of Costa Rica’s loveliest Pacific beaches. Cosmopolitan minds and curious spirits naturally gather here, gracefully connecting and epitomizing “pura vida” – a life where people and their wellness are top priorities and where nature is cared for and enjoyed by all.





Las Catalinas Collection

There are a number of homes, flats, and villas to choose from during a stay in the town of Las Catalinas, available from three unique vacation rental partners:

229 is an excellent lodging option for the smart traveler. Convenience, value, and great locations make these properties the perfect home base for your stay in Las Catalinas.

Baranda helps make Las Catalinas your home away from home. Charming residences, friendly service, and thoughtful amenities make this the best way to embrace life in town.

Bon Vivant is the choice to elevate your adventure with personalized, attentive service in the town’s finest residences. Experience Bon Vivant and make every moment matter on a unique and memorable holiday.


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