Stand-Up Paddle on the Guanacaste Coast


Explore the coves, islands, and reefs on the coast of Guanacaste on a Stand Up Paddleboard


Set out from Playa Danta onto the calm waters of the bay beyond town in the Pacific Ocean, where the islands, rock reefs, and gentle waves play host to a colorful variety of birds, reef fish, rays, and other creatures. Sheltered by the Islotes Pitahayas, the cove just offshore is a gentle start for riders of all skill levels to get used to the board or work through an aquatic routine from your favorite practice. 


Further beyond, sportier conditions and the sheltered bays beyond Punta Penca and Punta Guachipelines’s beautiful beaches offer a lively adventure to the more experienced rider. 


This experience is adaptable to the interests and skill of each guest. Local outfitter Pura Vida Ride offers rentals for all skill levels to explore the bay on their own, as well as a few guided experiences. 


Beginner paddlers can set out with a guide to learn the basics of paddling and explore the bay. Intermediate paddlers can book SUP Yoga out on the water, or go on a longer guided tour around the bay, returning towards Playa Dantita and taking a break to relax on the beach and swim. 


For more experienced paddlers, guided trips venture beyond the bay, which require more fitness and skill on the board to handle more active waters. To the north are Playas Carmel, Playa Guacamaya, and Playa Zapotal, each of which feel like hidden destinations of their own to discover on a paddle adventure. 


For any skill level, the waves are waiting.

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