Platform Hike and Swim

Platform Hike and Swim


“Being out among nature provides a space
to connect with ourselves and the world around us”


Time spent in Las Catalinas offers the chance to connect with nature through many forms of exercise and practice. For example, each of the four platforms scattered around the hills and waters of town provide a destination on a hike, ride or swim upon which to rest, meditate, take in the view, or pursue one of many forms of practice. 


For a thoughtful experience while exploring each, concierge can arrange a picnic lunch for a circuit through the forests and ocean around Las Catalinas.

Collage Fishing LP & Meditation Hike


There are four platforms in Las Catalinas, which can be found below. Each provides a different perspective on town and a different space to practice and relax, with views over town, trail, and the Pacific Ocean. Together, they encircle the majority of Las Catalinas, starting and finishing in the heart of town, and a trek to one or more offers a connection to nature that engages both the body and the mind.

For a circuit, concierge can provide a picnic lunch with your choice of sandwich, a snack, fruit, and a water bottle, as well as a trail map, and anything else that is desired upon request. 

Platform Pack


  • Choice of Sandwich from Copper & Stone
  • Snack from Copper & Stone
  • Mixed Tropical Fruit Bowl
  • Reusable Water Bottle to Keep
  • Trail Map

Additional Items Available by Request

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Platform at Punta Penca

The Danta trail winds up towards this platform on on Punta Penca, which looks out towards Potrero Bay, Sugar Beach, Punta Guachipelines, and Beach Town. Sitting in the hills overlooking the point, this platform presents a place at the intersection of land and the ocean, which combines the tropical dry forest surroundings with the misty coastal breeze. A space close to the heart of town that is immersed in nature.


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Platform at Principal 

Located just a short way up the trail at the beginning of Zapotal and Principal, this platform looks down the rim of the valley towards Las Catalinas, offering a view over the tropical dry forest, the town on the coast, the beach, and the ocean beyond. A space that captures the harmony of natural and manmade beauty found in Las Catalinas, with a setup suited to a picnic or any practice. 


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Platform at the Peak of La Cresta

Sitting at the end of La Cresta, where the Guachipelines trail turns into Secreto, this platform has multiple levels, both wood and netted floor, and has views in three directions: south over the Dantita Valley and Las Catalinas, west towards Punta Guachipelines and the Pacific, and north towards Playa Carmel and the Zapotal Valley. The steady breeze in the area, sunset over the Catalinas Islands, and a two leveled platform offer a versatile space to meditate surrounded by nature.

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Sea Platform Off of Playa Danta

Anchored in the bay a little more than 100 meters off of Playa Danta is the Sea Platform, a floating platform with a view from the ocean towards Las Catalinas and the forested hills. After a short swim, the platforms offers a flipped perspective of town and the tropical dry forest that surrounds it, as well as the swell of the waves and the clear ocean breeze. A platform open to the many elements that surround town, with uninterrupted light and color well-suited to both sunrise and sunset practice.


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