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"They get to spend time in it, care about it, and naturally they will protect it."


The oceans are one of the world’s most biodiverse and fascinating ecosystems, playing a vast and important role biologically, environmentally, and economically. However, it’s also one of the most threatened ecosystems worldwide.

Citizen science programs offer a way for anyone to both explore this vibrant habitat that covers most of the world’s surface and also contribute to its conservation, through the use of readily accessible technologies.

Through easy methods of data collection like counting and identifying different species, taking pictures of wildlife, and making observations about the environmental conditions like weather, air quality, and water quality, participants become citizen scientists and learn more about the environment they’re in while helping to protect it.



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ConnectOcean has created a number of different experiences that promote citizen participation for a wide variety of skill levels. These include their Explorer Programs, Citizen Science dives, and advanced certifications like Shark AWARE conservation and tracking bull sharks at advanced Dive Sites like the Islas Murciélago.


Citizen Science Explorer Programs

Set out to explore the many aquatic habitats around Las Catalinas with ConnectOcean’s Citizen Science Explorer Programs. There are six explorer programs to choose from, which range from watershed origins up in the tropical dry forested mountains with the Source to Sea Explorer programs out to the offshore waters in the Open Ocean Explorer program.

These experiences feature the opportunity to discover some of Guanacaste region’s most fascinating and diverse areas, like in the Intertidal Explorer and Mangrove Explorer, and also get an in-person look at a wide variety of wildlife, like in the Reef Explorer and Manta AWARE Conservancy program. 

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Citizen Science Dives

As part of their ocean conservation efforts to help protect and preserve the waters of Guanacaste for generations to come, ConnectOcean integrates Citizen Science projects and data collection into every one of their dives.

Data collection dives include surveying vessels, identifying fish, measuring sharks using laser photogrammetry, and tracking manta rays all to contribute to the creation of a Community Managed Marine Protected Area. Whether stepping into the water for the first time with their Discover Scuba Diving course or following a lifelong passion as a certified diver, each trip into the colorful underwater world also contributes to its protection.

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Advanced Open Water Exploration and Beyond

ConnectOcean also presents the opportunity to take Citizen Science and Open Water exploration to the next level with a number of advanced experiences.

Including specialties like Shark AWARE, further dive certifications up to Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Divemaster, and beyond, and contributions to more highly skilled data collection like tracking bull sharks at Islas Murciélago, there is a way for divers of any level to continue exploring and learning at ConnectOcean.

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ConnectOcean is a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development and Marine Ecology Center located in Danta Beach, in the pedestrian beach town of Las Catalinas on the North Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

It offers Open Water to Instructor Level Certifications with access to some of the best diving experiences in Costa Rica and education about the conservation of the country's vibrant aquatic ecosystem.


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